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Photos, Features, and Destinations covering the roads, history, and uniqueness of North Carolina.

Welcome to All Things NC! A growing site that covers the roads, destinations, and colourful splendor of the Tar Heel State.  Below, you will travel from mountains to sand dunes and a number of cities in between.  New material in the form of photographs, ideas, and more are always welcomed and are encouraged.

A new year, and some new updates in January.  A new section of the Greensboro Urban Loop has opened, and we have photos.  The Blue Ridge Parkway updates are done.  A revamped page from a recent hike of the Old Central Highway at Point Lookout is a must see.  There's a new Carolina Lost section on old service stations.  Go for a hike at Cliffs of the Neuse State Park.  Or explore two Civil War Battlefields.  And more is still to come.

Have a question? A comment or a suggestion?.  I can be reached at aprince4@nc.rr.com or aprince27@gmail.com

Signs and More Signs
- My Personal Road Sign Gallery ---Photos I have taken over the years in North Carolina. 
- Submitted Sign Gallery ---This site wouldn't be what it is without the great work of others. 
- Vintage Carolina---Road Photography taken before the Internet Explosion. 

City Roads ---North Carolina has cities on the move and on the go.  Leaving behind history in their wake.
- Charlotte @ All Things NC! ---Covering the Roads Past, Present and Future of the Metrolina Region. 
- Greensboro's Urban Loop ---Stay up to date on the progress and history of this highway. 
- The Triangle @ All Things NC! ---The Triangle's our home so take a look at the roads and the area through our eyes. 

Highway Histories ---The story behind North Carolina's Built and Never Built Roads.
- To The Shore! ---North Carolina's Struggle to Build Interstate 40 to the Atlantic Coast. 
- Charlotte's Independence Blvd. ---The State's first major urban highway. 
- The Evolution of North Carolina's Interstates ---(In Development)

Road Features ---The Companion to Highway Features, Road Features look at specific accomplishments or oddities.
- I-40 Tunnels in Haywood County ---The only tunnels found on NC's Interstates. 
- NC 90: Caldwell County's Forgotten Highway ---An unpaved journey through Pisgah National Forest. 
- I-26: Traveling through the Heavens of North Carolina ---The newly opened Interstate is one of NC's Crown Jewels. 
- The 4 US 70's of Selma - Smithfield ---A Timeline of one of the more interesting splits of US 70 in North Carolina, and the country. 
- The Elwell Ferry ---One of NC's three remaining inland river ferries.  This is located in Southeastern Bladen County. 
- Sunset Beach Pontoon Bridge ---The most unique bridge along the North Carolina Coast! 

Odds & Ends ---Items that don't fall into any category....yet.
- North Carolina Roundabouts ---Examples of a new traffic design that are being built throughout the state. 
- North Carolina Exit Lists ---Maintained by Brian LeBlanc.  NC Exit Lists is your guide to North Carolina's Freeways. 
- 1951 North Carolina Drivers Handbook ---Offsite Link.  Charles Slater graciously scanned in this gem I found.  Large file, you may want to save.

Head Elsewhere
- Gribblenation Sign Galleries ---An Odd Collection of Photos from MS, AL, GA, FL, TN, DC, MO, and OK and elsewhere.
- Mountain State Road Photos ---The Roads are Just as 'Wild and Wonderful'
- PA Road Pics Page ---The Content Makes Up for the Lack of Creativity I used for the title.
- South Carolina Highways ---A Site Dedicated to the 'Old North's State' Friendly Southern Neighbor, by my friendly southern neighbor, Carter Buchanan.
Old Dominion Roads ---Our Northern Neighbor has some fascinating roads.
- Links ---North Carolina has a wealth of road history and information.  You'll be an expert in no time if you really want to.

North Carolina Ends Project
-The State Highway Ends Gallery ---Where and how does your favourite highway in North Carolina End?  Head here to find out. 
-US Highway Ends in Carolina ---Amazingly the Tar Heel State has a number of these including.... 
-Whalebone Junction: Where Three Highways End ---US 64, 158, and 264 end at the same location.  NC 12, it carries on.

NC Destinations ---So You Want Somewhere To Go?
- On Top of the World in Carolina ---A Photo Essay of Mt. Mitchell, the Highest Point East of the Mississippi.
- Hickory Nut Gorge Region ---Featuring Chimney Rock and Lake Lure
- The Pinnacle Trail - Crowders Mountain State Park ---Hike along with me to the highest point (1780') in Gaston County. 
- Averasboro and Bentonville Battlegrounds ---Take a day trip to witness the two decisive battles in the Carolinas Campaign of the Civil War. 
- Cliffs of the Neuse State Park ---A quiet park just outside of Goldsboro. 
- Jockey's Ridge State Park ---Home of the tallest sand dune system in the Eastern US. 
- Oriental and the Waterways of Pamlico County ---The Hidden Gem of North Carolina's Coast! 
- Fort Macon State Park ---NC's 2nd State Park.  It saw action in three US Wars.
- Oak Island ---Take a tour of one of Brunswick County's Best Beaches! 

Highway Features ---Roads So Interesting, They Have Their Own Page.
- Blue Ridge Parkway ---Take a virtual drive down this splendid road. 
- Discovering the Ocean Highway (US 17) ---This Route has survived the 'Interstate Era' and is the backbone of the North Carolina Coast. 
- Interstate 73 and 74 Progress Page ---Bob Malme's site is the best on the web when it comes to tracking the progress of these two Interstates! Offsite Link.
- New Roads In Myrtle Beach ---The Conway Bypass and Carolina Bays Parkway may be in South Carolina, but they have a home here.
- The Central Highway ---Take a ride down and discover, the backbone of our early highway system. 
- US 29 - The Piedmont's Highway ---Currently open, The Wil-Cox Bridge over the Yadkin River
- Raleigh's Baffling Beltline ---It's ok to admit that you have been confused by this loop.

Carolina Lost ---The Elusive Search to Find Old and Abandoned Structures
- Carolina Lost - The Bridges ---A unique look at older or abandoned bridges in the Tar Heel State. 
- Carolina Lost - The Buildings ---Old structures that tell a story. 
- Carolina Lost - Service Stations ---A unique look at our automotive past. 
- Carolina Lost - The Roads ---The Roads forgotten or less traveled. 
- Miscellaneous---From old billboard adds and general stores. 

Roadgeek Meetings: ---Since April 2000, a somewhat regular occurance of road enthusiasts.
- Spring 2003 - Charlotte ---Checking out I-485
- August 2003 - Asheville ---The 'New' I-26 Opening!
- Fall 2003 - Greensboro ---The Greensboro Gathering
- Spring 2004 - Raleigh ---Our biggest ever!
- Fall 2007 - Greensboro ---NC Meets return after a three year hiatus!
- Spring 2008 - Raleigh ---A tour of the US 70 Clayton Bypass and Baseball 

Guestbook & Other Tidbits:
- Sign It
- View It
- You May Have Seen Me Here ---Press I have received over the years
- Sure, Why Not? ---The webmasters off and on updated blog.

Of course, there is the fine print.....so here it is...Information may be used if proper credit is given to the author, photographer, etc. and permission has been given by such.  All rights reserved.  This site, last I checked, is not affiliated with the NC Department of Transportation, the Department of Motor Vehicles (although my one speeding ticket is), or any other local, county, state, and/or federal government organization. This site is a non-commercial enterprise.  It is an educational resource, and a fun hobby at that!

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