Jeff Kitsko and myself at the Fall 1999 SWPA MTR meeting

Here are some links to some SWPA Road Project related and other key link sites:

SWPA Road Project and Pennsylvania Related Sites

  • Barb and John Bee's Photo Page ---Barb and John Bee
  • Keystone Highways ---David Brunot
  • Bridges and Tunnels of Allegheny County ---Bruce Cridlebaugh
  • Pennsylvania's New US Highways? ---Bruce Cridlebaugh
  • MPG Roads ---Geoff Hatchard
  • Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh Roads ---Bruce Harper
  • Pennsylvania Highways ---Jeff Kitsko (The expert when it comes to PA roads)
  • Pittsburgh Highways ---Jeff Kitsko
  • Philadelphia Highways ---Jeff Kitsko
  • Pittsburgh Road Pictures ---MJJ027
  • Pittsburgh's Proposed Freeways ---Michael R. Natale
  • Penn-York Roads ---Kevin Olmstead
  • Central Pennsylvania Roads ---Tim Reichard
  • Interesting signage and toponymy in Lancaster County ---Dale Sanderson



    All Things NC Links

  • Carolina Highways ---Mark Clifton
  • I-26 Construction ---John Lansford
  • Wake County Roads ---Brian LeBlanc
  • Progress on I-73/74 ---Bob Malme
  • North Carolina Roads ---James Schatz
  • Interesting Signs of the Triangle ---Jimmy Storey
  • The Roads of North Carolina ---Matt Stefora



    Mountain State Roads Links

  • West Virginia Highways Page ---H.B. Elkins
  • Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio Roads ---Sherman Cahal
  • Roger Lokay's West Virginia Roads and More Page ---Roger Lokay
  • West Virginia History in Photos ---Keith Pride



    Old Dominion Roads Links

  • Virginia Highways Page ---Mike Roberson
  • Roads to the Future ---Scott Kozel
  • Virginia Highways ---Bruce Harper



    Other Road Related Sites

  • US Highways: From US 1 to US 830 ---Robert V. Droz
  • H.B. Elkins Millenium Highway ---H.B. Elkins
  • Unofficial Northeast Ohio Highways Page ---Marc Fannin & Sandor Gulyas
  • Andy's Highway Kickoff Page ---Andrew Field
  • Alex and Andy's Highway Image Gallery ---Andrew Field & Alex Nitzman
  • Arizona Roads ---Alan Hamilton
  • The Lost Highway ---Jeremy Lance & Alex Nitman
  • The SPUI Freeway ---Dan Moraseski
  • ---Mike Pruett
  • Mid-Atlantic Highway Netowrk ---Brian Polidoro
  • Road Geek Index ---Dale Sanderson
  • Georgia Highways ---Steve Williams



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