2007 Fall Carolinas Road Meet
October 6, 2007 - Greensboro, North Carolina
For the first time in three years, we held an North Carolina Road meet.  The Fall 2007 meet featured Greensboro and the ongoing construction of Painter Boulevard also known as the Greensboro Urban Loop.  The group met up at Hugo's in Greensboro.  There were 15 road hobbyists in attendance from seven states and the District of Columbia.  After lunch, all 15 of us toured the construction of the western half of the Greensboro Loop.  For your own virtual tour of the Greensboro Loop, go here.

The 2007 NC Meet Attendees along I-840 near Bryan Blvd.

Standing Left to Right: Brent White, Dave Filpus, William Froehlig, James Hastings, Brian LeBlanc, H.B. Elkins, Jeff Kitsko, Mike Tantillo, Chris Yoder, Chris Curley, Jimmy Storey and Scott Kozel.
Kneeling: Billy Riddle, Brian Polidoro, and William Lawson

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