Carolina Lost
Throughout the Tar Heel State, there are plenty of traces to the past.  Some are fortunate to be preserved in a museum or at a national park.  Most though are not.  Some are easy to see or find at rural crossroads or a landmark in a busy downtown.  Many others are hidden and long forgotten.  Carolina Lost showcases these treasures, whether visible to the masses or if you have to get some mud on your jeans to find it.

If you wish to contribute, photos (new or old), information or leads, please contact the webmaster.

If only these bridges could speak and the stories they could tell.
From old mills to old plantations and even old weigh stations, there is plenty to explore.
Old gas pumps and old filling stations are throughout the Tar Heel State.  Some of these old service stations sit as if time has stood still for many many years.
They once led us somewhere, now they give clues to where things used to go.
A catch-all bin from old ads to general stores and anything else that hasn't been classified into its own listing yet.

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