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There are countless amounts of lost things throughout North Carolina.  From the large cities of Charlotte and Raleigh, to the small towns of Lincolnton or Zebulon, or any of the many rural crossroads in the state, there are old billboards, abandoned sheds, or buildings that once were the hot spot of the county.  For now, this is a catch all page,.  As a category grows, they will spin off and move from here.  If you have any suggestions or photos to add to Carolina Lost, please e-mail me .

Billboards: Go to any small town in North Carolina and you are bound to find a faded billboard on the exterior brick of a building.
Old tobacco Barn with a Pepsi Billboard with the 1967 Slogan, "Taste that beats the others cold!" Photographer: Craig Zeni; June 1999.  Even better on the other side of this Franklin County barn is...
A faded Pepsi-Cola script logo.  Photographer: Craig Zeni; June 1999.
Lincoln Cut-Rate Drugs - Lincolnton.  Photographer: Steven Duckworth.  There have been at least two Lincoln Drugs billboards on this building. 
Drink Coca-Cola and Ideal Pool Room billboards - Stoneville.  Photographer: William Lawson: July 21, 2007.
Pine State Milk sign - Bunn, NC.
Photographer: William Lawson: November 18, 2007

Pine State Milk came from the former Pine State Creamery in Raleigh.  The old creamery building in Raleigh has been converted to a mixed-use building with restaurants, offices, and apartments.

General Stores: Throughout rural North Carolina - whether it is the mountains or the coast - General Merchandise stores are a dying breed.
Winstead Grocery & General Merchandise - Bunn.  Photographer: William Lawson: November 18, 2007.

Left Photo: A hodge podge of various items along the Winstead storefront.

Right Photo: A sidewall painted billboard featuring Coca-Cola

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