Spring '04 Carolinas Roadgeek Meet - June 5, 2004 - Raleigh, NC
The Spring 2004 meet was our biggest ever with 19 attendees the Carolina Ale House in North Raleigh was packed with roadgeeks!  The day began with lunch at the Ale House and was followed by a tour of the I-540 and US 64 Knightdale Bypass Construction Projects.

From Left to Right: Seth Dunn, SD Rhodes, Dave Fipus, Jimmy Storey, Brian Polidoro, Jeff Kitsko, Lou Cursaro, Bob Malme, Doug Kerr (way in the back), Laura Samuels, Brian LeBlanc, Bill Nichols (bending), William Lawson (with 'The Frog'), HB Elkins (way in the back), Jeff Foster, Chris Curley, William Froehlig, Brent White, and Mike Tantillo.

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