Carolina Lost - The Roads
They are the highways once used but now forgotten.  They are hidden in brush and overgrowth as a result of a bypass years old.  They were once grand but now broken into pieces.  They carried our history and now we tell theirs, they are Carolina Lost - The Roads!

Central Highway - Point Lookout ---Take a hike along an abandoned 3.5 mile stretch of former NC 10 and US 70. 

Charlotte's Independence Blvd.  ---The Queen City's and the State's first urban highway, Independence Blvd. has been changed greatly as a result of Charlotte's growth.

I-85 Gastoina Connector ---A one time temporary end in the 1960s, the ramps were abandoned in the early 1990s. 

Old US 220 - Asbury Church Road ---A quiet old piece of US 220 found in Montgomery County.

The Road to Nowhere ---The story of the over 60 year old saga over completion of the North Shore Road.

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