Mountain State Road Photos
Road Photos and More from Wild, Wonderful West Virginia
Mountain State Roads aims to cover the roads and interesting road features in the Mountain State.  Here you can visit all over West Virginia and take a virtual holiday.  If you wish to contribute photos, stories or information to this project, please feel free to e-mail me at


  • November 21, 2010: Added five new photos of Corridor H construction from Sherman Cahal - updated information to WV 28 Ends Page.
  • October 24, 2010: Added new details to Corridor H and information on former WV State Route 56.

    Signs and More Signs:
    - Mountain State Road Photos Gallery
    - Submitted Road Photos of West Virginia ---Images that have been sent into Mountain State Road Photos. 
    - Vintage West Virginia Road Photos ---Road Photos that capture some of West Virginia's History. 

    State Highway Network: ---Learn something about the state highway system.
    - West Virginia State Highway Ends Index ---Find out where the end of the road really is! 
    - West Virginia Decommissioned Routes ---Gone, but not forgotten.

    Nature's Beauty: ---Many small slices of heaven are found throughout West Virginia.
    - Cathedral Falls ---Located just outside of Gauley Bridge. 

    Head Elsewhere:
    - PA Road Photos ---See the state that I-68 purposely avoids
    - The SWPA Roads Project ---Dedicated specifically to the roads and highways of the Pittsburgh Region
    - All Things NC! ---There's more to the Tar Heel State than ACC Basketball
    Old Dominion Roads ---Virginia is for Road Lovers!
    - Mid-Atlantic Road Photos ---An odd collection from AL, DC, GA, TN, MS and now Missouri. 
    - Links---Be sure to visit the sites of others that find West Virginia roads fascinating

    Fascinating Bridges: ---West Virginia has a wide variety of bridges in design, history, and importance.
    - US 250 Covered Bridge; Philippi - The 150 year old bridge has seen its share of history.
    - New River Gorge Bridge; Fayetteville -Yes, they actually encourage people to jump off it.  (One day out of the year, that is)
    - Park's Gap Bridge ---A one lane treat in Berkely County.
    - Wheeling Suspension Bridge ---The oldest active suspension bridge in the world! 

    Historic Roads:
    - The National Road in West Virginia ---For a short stretch of road, less than 20 miles, there's a whole lot oh history on it. 

    ARC Corridors ---Some of West Virginia's most important and controversial routes.
    - Conflict in the Mountains: Corridor H in WV ---The complete story behind the state's most controversial highway including photos
    - Corridor D - Blennerhassett Island Bridge ---Construction photos of the final piece of Corridor D.  Later, a history. 
    - Corridor L (US 19) ---In Development

    - Sign It
    - View It
    - You May Have Seen Me Here ---Press I have received over the years.

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