The Central Highway - Old NC 10
During the early 20th Century, one highway served as North Carolina's most important - and sometimes most controversial - highway.  The mountains-to-sea Central Highway would stretch from Murphy to Beaufort and would become the backbone of North Carolina's early highway system.  Although replaced in number by the US Highway System in the 1930s and no longer the backbone of today's North Carolina Highway System, the Central Highway still exists, albeit in broken pieces, for modern day exploration.

History: The Central Highway has nearly over a century's worth of history.  Read about it here.  (In Development)

Original Pieces: There are many remnants of the Central Highway still standing today from old alignments to open-spandrel cement arch bridges.

Black Mountain to Old Fort: Maybe the most unique remnant of the Old Central Highway as this one you can hike, plus many old linen postcards show the scenic nature of this old alignment.

Wil-Cox Bridge: Opened in 1924, the Wil-Cox Bridge is one of only six open-spandrel bridges remaining in the state.

Eastern Orange County: Seven miles of a delightful drive showcasing the early twists and turns of the old Central Highway.

The Modern Central Highway - US 70: Follow NC 10's replacement from the Tennessee State Line to the small coastal town of Atlantic.  (In Development)

If you are interested in the Old Central Highway and have stories, suggestions, or submissions, please contact me .

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