The Blue Ridge Parkway
---An All Things NC Photo Essay

For over 60 years, the Blue Ridge Parkway has combined modern travel with the splendid of nature.  Unlike the thousands of miles of superhighways that grace this nation, the 469 mile parkway purposely avoids alterning the landscape allowing visitors to enjoy the majestic beauty of the Blue Ridge in North Carolina and Virginia.  Linking two popular national parks, Shenandoah and Great Smokey Mountains, the route goes from foothills and farmlands to heights of over 5000 feet.  No matter how high or low the elevation, the Parkway is full of endless and spectacular views, hiking trails, and an infinite number of natural posibilites.  This photo essay will explore the various overlooks along the Parkway in the Tar Heel State.
232.0 Stone Mountain Overlook
234.0 Bull Head Mountain Overlook
235.0 Mahogany Rock Overlook
236.0 Devil's Garden Overlook
236.9 Air Bellows Overlook
238.5 Brinegar Cabin and Loom
243.4 View of Bluff Mountain
260.3 Jumpinoff Rocks
264.4 The Lump
266.9 View of Mt. Jefferson
267.8 Betsey's Rock Falls Overlook
270.2 Lewis Fork Overlook
271.9 E.B. Jeffress Park & The Cascades
274.3 Elk Mountain Overlook
285.1 Boone's Trace
305.25 Beacon Heights Overlook
355.3 Mt. Mitchell State Park

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