Vintage West Virginia Road Photos ---Road Photos Taken Prior to the Internet Explosion

Since about the mid-1990s the Internet has been the catalyst in the explosion of road related photography and websites throughout the United States.  Vintage West Virginia Road Photos showcases road photography done before 1995, when the Internet boom began.  It is a great way to look at roads and times of past before gribblenation, before aaroads, and the Internet.  If you have road photography from 1995 and earlier that you would like to include in this collection, please e-mail me .  


Button-Copy Overheads for WV 45/ US 11 and I-81; Martinsburg.  Photo taken by Michael Summa; 1995.  These relics are a tough find along the highways of West Virginia today.
US 19/WV 104 shields; Bluefield.  Photo taken by Michael Summa; 1994. 
Button-Copy Overheads for US 52/460/19 on US 19 South / 460 West; Bluefield.  Photo taken by Michael Summa; 1992.  By this time US 460 had already been moved onto a new alignment south of town.
Overheads for I-64/77 on WV 3; Beckley.  Photo taken by Michael Summa; 1989.  In the far left background of this photo you can see one of the toll booths that used to sit at this interchange.  Tolls were lifted from most of the interchanges on the West Virginia Turnpike in 1989.
Button-Copy distance sign and WV 3 East Shield; Beckley.  Photo taken by Michael Summa; 1989.  This photo is taken from the opposite of the photo above.
Button Copy Overheads for the WV Turnpike and I-77 (Exit 96) on I-77 South; Charleston.  Photo taken by Michael Summa; 1979.  At this time the WV Turnpike was still two lanes; it appears that the I-77 designation did not continue on the Turnpike.  If that is correct, I-77 would return 87 miles later at Exit 9 in Bluefield, the Southern Terminus of the West Virginia Turnpike.
I-77 South and WV Turnpike BGS on US 60; Charleston.  Photo taken by Michael Summa; 1979.  Yet another photo of a West Virginia relic.
Date Unknown
Black Outline shields for US 19/21/52/460; Bluefield.  Photo courtesy of Michael Summa.  Date possibly 50's or 60's.

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