The National Road: West Virginia
Although it only winds through the Mountain State for less than 20 miles, there is a lot of history on US 40 hidden from the hustling traffic on nearby Interstate 70.

West Virginia Historical Marker about the National Road.  Photo taken by Mike Austing.

Heimberger House which is located at Roney's Point is the home of one of the oldest stone buildings used for commerce along the pike.  It is known today as the 'Old Stone House.'

The Old Stone House.  Photo taken by Barb and John Bee.

Elm Grove and Wheeling Park , both near the city of Wheeling, have many various items of the National Road and National Old Trails Road history present.  At the intersection of US 40 and WV 88 over Wheeling Creek, a historical marker signifies the historical features of the bridge that crosses it.

Photo taken by Barb and John Bee.

Further down the highway in Wheeling Park is the location of one of the twelve 'Madonna of the Trail' monuments located in the United States.  these statues were erected in the late 1920's by the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Madonna of the Trail, Wheeling.  Photo taken by Barb and John Bee.

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