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All photos on this page have been taken by the webmaster. Listing with a BLACKbackground have been taken with black and white film.

BGS's and Overheads | Shields and Other Signs

BGS's and Overheads

Photo Link & Description
Date Taken
Button copy guide sign for I-77 and WV 2 North; Rockport. December 21, 2008
Guide sign for West Virginia Welcome Center and Greasy Ridge Road (Secondary Route 219/2) on US 460 East; Lawsonton.  Although US 219 is long gone from Southern West Virginia, some secondary routes are still based off of it. July 18, 2008
Guide sign for Secondary Route 48 (Exit 28) on I-77 North; Ghent. July 18, 2008
Button copy guide sign for US 33 East (Exit 138) on I-77 North; Ripley.  US 33 West joins I-77 at this interchange. December 20, 2007
Button copy guide sign for WV 2 South (Exit 146) on I-77 North; Ravenswood.  WV 2 North joins I-77 while US 33 West leaves the Interstate to head towards Ohio. December 20, 2007
Button copy overhead for WV County Route 21 (Exit 161) on I-77 North; Rockport.  County Route 21 is old US 21 December 20, 2007
Overheads for US 60 and WV 61; Chelyan. December 21, 2002
Button Copy Overheads for I-77/WV 2, WV 47 (Exit 174), and WV 95 (Exit 173) on I-77/WV 2 North; Parkersburg. December 21, 2002
Button Copy Overheads for US 50 (Exit 176) and WV 47 (Exit 174); Parkersburg. December 21, 2002
WV 131 Overhead on WV 279; Clarksburg. May 2002
I-79; US 33/119 Overheads; Weston.  Located on US 33 West/119 South. Summer 2001
Future I-73, High Priority Corridor, Bluefield.  This sign is located on US 460 just east of US 52. August 30, 2000
US 19/WV 16 Overheads; North Beckley. These are located on US 19 north about one mile from the WVA Tpk.  This interchange is where US 19 joins the highway. April 14, 2001
US 19/WV 16 Exit Overheads; North Beckley.  Signs at the actual exit. April 14, 2001
Summerlee Road/Oyler Ave Overheads; Oak Hill.  The Oak Hill Bypass was originally part of US 21. April 14, 2001
US 19/US 60 Overheads; Hico.  This interchange is located about 4 miles north of the New River Gorge Bridge.  Until the mid 90s, US 19 was two lanes north to Summersville. April 14, 2001
Junction I-79 BGS; Braxton County.  This is located where US 19 meets I-79 at the northern end of Corridor L. April 14, 2001
I-79 Overheads on US 19; Braxton County.  The US 19/ I-79 Interchange (Exit 57) was redesigned in the 90s when US 19 was upgraded to 4 lanes from I-79 to Summersville. April 14, 2001
BGS on US 19 as it approaches I-64 in Beckley.  The ramps at this interchange do not touch US 19; rather there is a connector road between the two. April 17, 2001
BGS on US 219/250 approaching downtown Elkins. May 2001
BGS on US 119 at US 19 and WV 7, Morgantown.  Turning right to continue on US 119 North will run you through downtown Morgantown. July 2001

Shields and Other Signs

Photo Link and Description
Date Taken
US 33 and WV 28 and 55 shields; Seneca Rocks.  With Seneca Rocks in the background; this is a pretty neat setting for a group of signs. July 1, 2009
Secondary Route 21 shields; Rockport.  This is old US 21. December 21, 2008
Interstate 77 West Virginia and WV 2 shields; Rockport. December 21, 2008
Older I-470 West Virginia Shield; Bethlehem. July 2004
US 19 and WV 16 South shields; Fayetteville.  Take a left and go about one half a mile and you will be crossing the New River Gorge Bridge. October 13, 2002
JCT 'TOLL" I-64 and I-77 West Virginia shields on WV 3 West; Beckley. November 28, 2002
'TO' I-64/77 West Virginia shields on WV 612 West; Mossy.  These signs were installed by the West Virginia Turnpike which have been using the ider font for numerals. December 21, 2002
WV 612 East and button copy guide signs; Mossy. December 21, 2002
I-79/WV 131/CR 707 shields; near Clarksburg.  CR 707 connects to WV 279. May 2002
US 250 and WV 218 shields; Farmington. May 2002
Interstate 81 North Shield; Charles Town. July 2002
US 19/33/119 Shields; Weston. January 2000
US 33/220 Shields; Franklin. December 26, 2000
WV 3 and US 19 Shields, Shady Spring.  After being multiplexed with US 19, WV 3 heads East from here. April 17, 2001
US 219 US 250 WV 55 WV 92 Shields, Elkins.  This is at the big intersection where US 33 leaves US 219 and US 250. May 2001
A ton of shields at the same intersection.  This is at the intersection just before the above photo. May 2001
Shields at the US 219 US 250 split, Huttonsville. May 2001
Truck and Car Bannered Secondary Route 82 shields.  This is just outside of the New River Gorge Visitors Center. January 2000

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