The Philippi Covered Bridge
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A straight on view from the Philippi side of the covered bridge that carries US 250.

The Philippi Bridge is one of the most historic bridge is West Virginia.  Built in 1852, it is one of the oldest covered bridges in the state and the country.  It is the only remaining covered bridge to serve a US Highway.  US 250 rides over the carridge-way.  The Lemuel Chenoweth built bridge has survived an early Civil War battle, floods, fires, and structural repairs and widening.  In the next few years, US 250 will no longer ride over this historic bridge as a bypass is being built to the bridge's south.  A fire in 1989 closed the bridge to its original condition reopening in 1991.

The City of Philippi uses the bridge as part of the city seal.

West Virginia Historical Marker discussing the history of the Bridge.

The bridge was widened in 1934 to carry two lanes of traffic and in 1938 the wooden deck was replaced with a concrete floor.

The view inside the bridge while traveling US 250 West.  Notice the wooden superstructure.

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