Decommissioned and Former Alignments of West Virginia Highways Photo Log
This page, modeled after the PA Decommissioned Route Page, will photo document some of the decommissioned routes in West Virginia.  There are not many; however, there are quite a few worth documenting.  Also, this page has an added twist.  Former alignments of WV State and US Routes. If you have photos, map scans, or additional information, please e-mail me.


  • October 24, 2010: Updated WV 56 page with new information and photos.

  • WV 56 from Joesph Landis, Jennings Stracher, and H.B. Elkins 
  • WV 59 from Mike Roberson
  • WV 68 from H.B. Elkins
  • WV 73 from H.B. Elkins and Doug Kerr
  • WV 89 from Michale Muiznieks and Pete Zapadka
  • WV 507 from David Brunot, H.B. Elkins, and Denny Pine

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