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Welcome to The SWPA Roads Project! The SWPA Roads Project is a collection of stories, research, information and photos on the history, what-if's and uniqueness of roads and transportation in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  This Project is a cooperitive of pages, information, and links from many road historians and hobbyists from the area.  Have information or ideas? E-mail me at

Updated! July 5, 2007.  Did you know that the pylons on Allegheny River Boulevard in Verona light up at night.  I didn't until Eric Lasher sent recent photos of the refurbished pylons.

Highways & Streets:
Interstates & Expressways
US Routes
State Highways
Boulevards, Streets and Local Roads
  • I-70  ---Jeff Kitsko
  • I-76 ---Jeff Kitsko
  • I-376 ---Jeff Kitsko
  • I-79 ---Jeff Kitsko
  • I-279 ---Jeff Kitsko
  • I-579 ---Jeff Kitsko
  • PA TPK 43 ---Jeff Kitsko
  • PA TPK 576/Findlay Connector 
  • US 19 ---Jeff Kitsko
  • US 22 ---Jeff Kitsko
  • US 30 ---Jeff Kitsko
  • PA 18 ---Bruce Harper
  • PA 48 
  • PA 51 
  • PA 65
  • PA 88 ---Bruce Harper
  • PA 136
  • PA 148
  • PA 837
  • PA 885
  • PA 978 
  • Allegheny River Blvd. 
  • Blvd. of the Allies
  • I-279/376 Interstate Connector 
  • McKnight Road
  • Ohio River Blvd. 
  • Saw Mill Run Blvd
  • The Pittsburgh That Could Have Been: ---We've all heard the 'woulda' and 'coulda' stories..So what really did happen?

  • I-579 @ Bigelow Blvd Ghost Ramps ---One of the many never built connections we could really use right now.
  • The 'NEW' PA 48/"North-South" Parkway ---The history of the often proposed but never built road.
  • Industrial Parkway in Crafton ---A look at a incompleted roadway along Chartiers Creek.
  • Those Blank Octagons Downtown ---Answering one of downtown's befuddling mysteries.
  • A Relief Route That Never Was: I-70 and Related Projects in the Mid-Mon Valley  ---Imagine a less stressful I-70, well it was thought about!
  • The Many Proposals for the Wabash Bridge and Tunnel ---It took nealy 60 years for this tunnel to be used again.



    Uniquely Pittsburgh: ---Yunz Won't Find This Stuff Anywhere Else!

  • Allegheny County Belt Route Ends
  • Pittsburgh Department of Public Works Sign Gallery ---A look at some of the unique signs manufactured by our own city.
  • Pittsburgh Driving Rules, 1951 ---Courtesy Jim Ellwanger and Dan Moraseski.
  • The Jail Trail ---Officially the Eliza Furnace Trail, this bike trail is true urban Pittsburgh
  • The Abandoned Air Terminal @ Greater Pitt



    Photo Essays:

  • The William Flinn Highway  Controversy almost 80 years after his death
  • Remnants of the Lincoln Highway Possibly the country's best preserved roadway.
  • The Historic National Pike  America's Original Interstate Highway. 



    Submitted Pages:

  •  Pennsylvania's Newest US Highways US 981, US 156 and US 819?  ---Bruce Cridlebaugh




  • Pennsylvania's Decommisioned Interstates ---Jeff Kitsko
  • Pennsylvania's Decommisioned United States Highways ---Jeff Kitsko
  • The Logic Behind PA State Routes Yes Believe it or Not there once was some sense in this state!



    Map Scans:

  • 1963 Gulf Pittsburgh Tour Guide Map
  • Southeast Allegheny County
  • Southwest Allegheny County
  • Northwest Allegheny County
  • Northeast Allegheny County
  • Pittsburgh Expressway Plan, 1963 Courtesy Mike Natale

  •  The Yellow Book, 1955 Courtesy William Froehlig
  • Pittsburgh
  • Wheeling
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    Thanks go in advance to Jeff Kitsko, Bruce Cridlebaugh, Gene Yao, Dyche Andersen, Bruce Harper and everyone else in misc.transport.road that put up with all my posts so I could get information to put these pages together.

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