The Blue Ridge Parkway
Mile 238.5 - Brinegar Cabin and Loom

Brinegar Cabin was settled by Martin Brinegar in 1885 and occupied until the land was purchased for construction of the Parkway in 1935.  The cabin which still stands today has an over one century old loom that is still used in craft demonstrations in the summer months.  Brinegar Cabin, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, serves as a gateway to Doughton Park which hugs the parkway for six miles (238 to 244).  Doughton Park , originally known as The Bluffs, is named after Congressman Robert L. Doughton, a longtime supporter of the Parkway.  There are numerous trails within the park, and two trails, Cedar Ridge (4.3 miles) and Bluff Mountain (7.5 miles), begin at Brinegar Cabin.  Along with the craft and weaving demonstrations, guided nature walks and discussions are led by park rangers.

Brinegar Cabin

Entrance to the Cedar Ridge and Bluff Mountain Trails.

The Parkway curves through Doughton Park.

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