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The Pennsylvania Turnpike may be one of the most popular subjects to many road enthusiasts.  There are numerous websites about the abandoned sections of the highway and the history of the Pike itself.  Naturally, I have pages that add to these numbers.  However, in the pursuit of looking at things differently, PA Road Photos features other aspects of the turnpike that is not as heavily documented.  Sit back and relax as you travel abandoned roadways, stop at an original service plaza, or get some religion turnpike style.  Be sure to visit the various other PA Turnpike sites also to complete your journey on America's First Super Highway!

If you have any photos, information, or ideas for the PA Turnpike Collection at Pennsylvania Road Photos, please e-mail me!

1950s's PA Turnpike Postcard Slide Show ---A 20 postcard slide show showing the Turnpike in its original splendor!

Abandoned Tunnels circa 1981/82 ---Take a journey with Bill Symons to all three abandoned Turnpike Tunnels, Laurel Hill, Ray's Hill, and Sideling Hill when many original artifacts still remained.

Breezewood in the Fall ---Is a page dedicated to the abandoned 13 mile segment of the highway in Bedford and Fulton Counties.  Travel the old roadway soon to be bike path in the splendid colors of autumn as seen by the lens of Bernie Newman.

Breezewood in the Fall - 2004! ---My own sequel to Bernie's journey that started it all!

Lehigh Tunnel Construction 1989-91 --- The Lehigh Tunnels were the last of the Turnpike's tunnels to be twinned.

Holy Turnpike! --- St. John the Baptist Catholic Church is located near milemarker 129 on the mainline in the town of New Baltimore.  This church has been a frequent stop for Turnpike travelers for over 60 years.

Midway Service Plazas --- Two of the turnpike's original service plazas.  North and South Midway combine a taste of the 1940's Turnpike with the needs of today's modern traveler.

Original New Stanton Interchange Ramps ---Although discontinued in 1964, these ramps survive in good condition.

Quemahoning Tunnel --- The South Penn Railway's only used tunnel, Quemahoning Tunnel was bypassed by the pike.

Vintage Turnpike Photo Collection --- Classic photography linking the highway's history to the highway today.

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