Ray's Hill Tunnel
Ray's Hill Tunnel along with Sideling Hill was bypassed in 1968.  The turnpike opened 13 miles of new tunnel less roadway on October 30th of that year.  Ray's Hill was the only tunnel with one set of exhaust fan.  The eastern portal was erected of stone and concrete but minus the exhaust fans that existed on the western end.

Looking west and exiting the tunnel, Fall 1981.  Thirteen years dormant, the abandoned roadway is cracked and full of overgrowth.

The narrowing lanes of the westbound Turnpike approaching the western portal of Ray's Hill Tunnel.

Entrance to the western portal of Ray's Hill Tunnel.  By 1999, the letters were gone.

Looking east from the eastern portal of Ray's Hill Tunnel.  Ray's Hill was only 2,532 in length and the light at the end of this short tunnel can be seen.

A side perspective of the exhaust fan less eastern portal of the tunnel.  Some of the letters have fallen off their mounts.

The PA Turnpike exiting the eastern portal of the tunnel from the trees.

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