Tracing the Past....
Pennsylvania's Decommissioned State Routes
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has had a vast history of roads, freeways, and toll roads.  Whether it is The Logic Behind the Numbering System, or potholes, down every road in Pennsylvania there is a history.  Some of these roads were at one time a state primary route.  The links from this page will lead you to a photographic history of some of these routes; from past and present.  I hope you enjoy!

This history project can't be done without your help.  So if you can locate old photos, or current day photos of remnants of days gone past (i.e. a local street sign still referring it to Route X), please feel free to e-mail me.

Update:  October 9, 2008 - It's been over three years but with the help of Adam Moss.  New Pages for PA 945 and 962 have been added.

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Many thanks to David Brunot, Jeff Kitsko, Adam Moss, Alex Nitzman/Cary Todd, Denny Pine, Matt Redden and Tom Sabbatelli for Tracing Pennsylvania Highways Past.

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