PA 766

One of the many state highways that were decommissioned in the mid-1940s, PA 766 has been long forgotten.  Running a length of slightly over two miles, what was once PA 766 is now known as Oakford Park Road.  The south end was at PA 180 (now PA 130) neat Oakford Pool and Park just outside of Jeanette.  It's northern terminus was at former PA 66 (now PA Business 66) northeast of Greensburg.  Although the route was killed off after World War II, some maps into the 1950s showed the designation still in existence.  Unlike other routes, PA 909, there are no leftover clues that Oakford Park Road was once PA 766.  Route 766 is now known as SR 4003. 1952 AAA

(Jeff Kitsko)

Oakford Park Road meets PA 66 Business outside of Greensburg.  The former northern terminus of PA 766 is about one half mile north of PA TPK 66.

(Jeff Kitsko)

The former southern terminus of PA 766 at PA 130 just on the outskirts of Jeanette.

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