The Blue Ridge Parkway
Mile 264.4 - The Lump

A must stop when on the Parkway is "The Lump" at mile 264.4.  A small round hill that rises from the overlook parking lot, The Lump offers breathtaking views of the Yadkin Valley and of the rolling foothills.  

Also, a sign at the Lump makes mention of the tragic story of Tom Dula.  Dula (pronounced Dooley) was a Confederate veteran who in 1868 planned to elope with his fiancée, Laura Foster, in the Spring of 1866.  The night they were to elope, Laura left home to meet Tom but was never seen from again.  A few weeks later, Laura's body was found in a shallow grave.  Dula would soon be a suspect in her murder.  Tom fled to Watauga County and later to Tennessee.  It was near Trade, TN that he was captured and returned to Wilkes County.  At trial, he was convicted and sentenced to death.  On May 1, 1868, Dula would be executed by hanging.  His famous last words were, "Gentlemen, do you see this hand? I didn't harm a hair on the girl's head."  Years later, Dula's story was made famous in the folk song Ballad of Tom Dooley by The Kingston Trio.

Photos from The Lump:
All photos taken by the webmaster (07/21/07), click to enlarge.

Sign at The Lump tells the story of Tom Dula. Great views of the foothills and the Yadkin Valley can be found at The Lump.
This short three tenths of a mile trail leads to the top of The Lump and some great views. 

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