The Blue Ridge Parkway
Mile 267.8 - Betsey's Rock Falls

Hidden from view at this observation point is a 200 foot waterfall named Betsey's Rock Falls.  With the exception of after a heavy winter rainfall, it is very difficult to view the falls from this point; however, there are plenty of great views of the mountain landscape with peaks of over 3000 feet.  I have listed some outside links (see: Sources & Links) that do have photos of the falls.

The falls are at a lower elevation,
hidden from view.

Looking at the Glendale Springs 
Mountain Range from the overlook.

Grey flannel skies do not take away
the view at mile 267.

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    Sources & Links:

  • Betseys Falls ---NC Web Resources for Educators
  • Betsey's Rock Falls ---Dan Heismoth
  • Betsey's Rock Falls Overlook
  • Betsey's Rock Falls ---Michelle Maki



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