Breezewood in the Fall...
The Abandoned PA Turnpike and Tunnels near Breezewood as seen through the lens of Bernie Newman.

In 1968, The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission successfully completed a bypass of two tunnels, Sideling and Ray's Hill, one service plaza, Cove Valley and nearly 13 miles of roadway.  Since then this forgotten section of road has been a destination point for turnpike enthusiasts, hikers and bicyclists, curiosity seekers, and the Turnpike Commission itself.  The roadway which has been over 30 years explored by thousands and used as a testing facility by the PTC will soon become a bike trail that includes the use of both tunnels.

The first section of Breezewood in the Fall is of the old Breezewood Interchange, the second section consists of the old turnpike and Ray's Hill Tunnel.

Breezewood Interchange
This picture is of the beginning of the abandoned Pike in Breezewood.

Old Breezewood Ramps
Here is an excellent picture of the former ramps of the original Breezewood Interchange. These ramps were used until 1968, and are in fairly good shape.

Underneath Overpass
Another shot of the former Breezewood Interchange. This time under the old highway overpass.

old Guradrail
This shows the guard rail from the original Breezewood Interchange. Bernie says it's the only remaining actual 'original' guard rail left on the TPK from 1940.

Looking from the Overpass
This has to be the best looking of them all. The old ramps looking out from the overpass.

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