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BGS's & Overheads

Photo Link & Description
Date Taken
Overheads for US 58 Business West/ US 15 North/ VA 49 North and US 58 East; Clarksville.  At the east end of the US 58 Clarksville Bypass, US 58 has to 'exit' off itself to continue towards South Hill. June 13, 2007
Overhead for VA 5 East (Exit 22A) on I-295 North; Varina. March 20, 2005
Overheads for VA 5 (Exits 22A-B) on I-295 North; Varina. March 20, 2005
Overheads for VA 895 Toll West (Exit 25) on I-295 North; Richmond. March 20, 2005
Overheads for I-295 and I-95 North and I-64 and US 60 (Exit 28) on I-295 North; Richmond. March 20, 2005
Overheads for VA 156 (Exit 31A-B) on I-295 North; Richmond. March 20, 2005
Overheads for US 301 and VA 2 (Exits 41A-B) on I-295 North; Mechanicsville. March 20, 2005
Overheads for VA 895/ I-295/ and VA 5; Varina. October 4, 2003
Overheads for US 13 North and US 60 East approaching the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel; Virginia Beach.  An interesting overhead because the directional 'North' & 'East' are located inside their respective route shields. April 2003
Overheads for US 13 and US 60 on US 13 North; Virginia Beach.  Located before the photo shown above.  This is a more standard overhead. April 2003
Overheads for VA 168 (Exits 290A-B) on I-64; Chesapeake. April 2003
Overheads for I-64 West and US 13 (Exit 282) on I-64 West; Virginia Beach. April 2003
Overheads for I-464 North/ I-64/664 and VA 168 South on US 17/VA 104 North; Chesapeake. April 2003
Overhead Signs US 220 Business North / South US 220; Martinsville.  US 220 leaves its multiplex with US 58 at this interchange.  The Interstate 73 Corridor continues south towards Greensboro and Winston-Salem along US 220. April 13, 2002
Overhead Signs US 220 South/ VA 57/ US Business 220 South; Martinsville April 13, 2002
I-81 Junction 5 Miles.  I-77 approaching Ft. Chiswell April 14, 2001
VA Secondary 717 at I-77.  What is interesting about this sign is that the 717 is all text and the only information given on the sign.  This is Exit 47 just south of the Big Walker Mountain Tunnel. April 14, 2001
I-64 Next Left; Covington.  This is located at the interchange where US 220 joins I-64. December 26, 2000
Future I-73 Corridor.  Located on US 220 south of Roanoke. December 26, 2000
Overheads at Northern Terminus of US 17; Winchester.  These overheads use cutout US shields. October 15, 2000

Shields and Other Signs:
Photo Link and Description
Date Taken
Unique uni-sign guide sign for US 15 and VA 49 North; Clarksville.  The first I have seen of these in Virginia; they look pretty sharp. June 13, 2007
North VA 47 and East VA 40 shields; Charlotte Court House. June 13, 2007
Uni-sign for VA 43, North VA 122, East US 460, and North US 221; Bedford. June 13, 2007
VA 222 and secondary route 708 and 631 shields; Weens. August 26, 2006
Secondary route 600 and VA 14 shields; Bavon.  This is the last VA 14 shield before its terminus which is less than 1500 feet to the right. August 26, 2006
Clearview Entering James City County/ Leaving Surry County mini-guide on VA 31; Scotland.  This is at the southern landing of the inland James River Ferry. August 26, 2006
'TO' Virginia I-95 shield; Dale City.  Located at the northbound rest area on I-95. October 4, 2003
Begin US 301 and End VA 207 shields; Bowling Green.  The sign combination is partially correct.  VA 207 does end here; however, US 301 does not begin here.  It begins use of the specific roadway at this point. March 20, 2005
Business US 301 South/ Business VA 2 South/ Business VA 207 West and VA 2 North shields; Bowling Green. March 20, 2005
VA 132 South and VA 132Y East shields; Williamsburg.  These shields share a brown backing. November 2003
Business US 250 and US 250 shields; Charlottesville. July 9, 2003
West VA 55 shield on a white background and distance guide sign; Front Royal.  The white back plate was standard in Virginia into the 1970s; however, I am unsure if this is a leftover or a newer variation in error. July 9, 2003
T-631 shield; Eastville. The 'T' stands for 'Town'.  Simply put, these routes are city/town streets that are maintained by the Commonwealth in communities that do not have the budget to maintain them. April 2003
Secondary Route 743 shield; Rugby. October 2002
US 58 East and VA 16 shields; Volney. October 2002
'TO' South I-77 and I-81 VA North shields; Ft. Chiswell. November 2002
US Bike Route 76 shield at the Northern Terminus of VA 121; Max Meadows November 2002
US 11/VA 100 and 'To' I-81 shields on VA 100 South; Dublin. November 2002
North US 1 Shield with Distance Guide Sign; Alberta.  No, US 1 does not head into Canada here. October 4, 2003
One piece VA 4 South and Secondary Route 678 shield; John H. Kerr Dam.  I find it rare to see one piece shield combinations in this rural of an area. April 2003
North US 501 and East VA 40 shields; Brookneal. July 8, 2003
South US 52/ 'TO' I-77 Virginia / VA 148 shields; Fancy Gap.  This may be the last I-77 Virginia shield left standing. December 21, 2002
'TO' I-64 and US 522 Shields; Gum Spring.  These signs are located at the intersection of US 250 & 522 about one mile south of Interstate 64. May 11, 2003
Older one piece VA 40 East shield; Blackstone. May 11, 2003
US 17/50 and VA Secondary 624 shields; Millwood. July 10, 2002
East VA 55, South US 522, TO I-66 shields; Front Royal.  This is located where VA 55 and US 522 leave/join US 340. July 10, 2002
North US 340/TO US 50 shields and distance board; near White Post.  US 340 has just split off from US 522 North and US 50 is about 4 miles further north. July 10, 2002
Standard VA Byway Sign on Route 628; White Post.  Northern Virginia is full of them! July 10, 2002
Stand alone 'White Post 2' miles on US 340 South; near Boyce.  White Post is a historic hamlet where numerous white directional posts have stood at a local crossroads since 1750.  July 10, 2002
US 17/50/340 shields; near Boyce.  Approaching the intersection of the the three US Highways on US 340 North. July 10, 2002
VA 255 and Route 723 shields; Millwood.  Route 723 is a VA Byway.  The two roads multiplex briefly for about 1/4 mile. July 10, 2002
To I-64 Virginia and VA 20 shields; Charlottesville. July 9, 2002
Older Secondary Route 946 Sheild; Union Hall.  A great rustic setting off of VA 40. April 13, 2002
US 58 and US 221 Shields; Independence.  These are the first shields at the Southern or Western Beginning of the US 58/221 multiplex. August 2001
VA 89 Signage Error; South of Galax.  Located just north of the NC State Line at the Blue Ridge Parkway. August 2001
I-66/US 17/VA 55/CR 713 shields; Delaplane.  This is located where US 17 south joins I-66 East towards Marshall. October 15, 2000
US 220 Shield with mileage distance, North Central Va.  I thought the Warm Springs and Hot Springs were of interest. December 26, 2000
VA 98 Ends 1/2 Mile, Bland.  VA 98 has to be one VA's shortest routes. February 2000
VA 21 Shield.  This should be a US 21 shield. Elk Creek. Thanks to H.B. elkins for the scan. February 2000
Frontage Road 185 Shield, Marshall. April 2000

Road Scenes & Misc
Photo Link and Description
Date Taken
VA 47 South through Madisonville. June 13, 2007
Panoramic view of the VA 3 cantilever through truss bridge over the Rappahannock River.  This vantage comes from the Southern Terminus of VA 222 in Weems. August 26, 2006
Cable Stayed Bridge carrying I-295 over the James River; near Richmond. March 20, 2005
The legendary White Post; White Post.  Legend has it that in 1750, Lord Farifax directed George Washington to erect a white post near Ashby Gap-Winchester Road to direct travelers to nearby Greenway Court, home of Fairfax's Library.  The post is not the original.  It has been knocked down numerous times by unsuspecting motorists.  The four locations marked on the post are Battletown, Berry's Ferry, Greenway Court, and Stephens City. (1) July 10, 2002

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    Sources & Links:

  • (1) Sutcliffe, Andrea. Touring the Shenandoah Valley Backroads. Winston-Salem: John F. Blair, 2000. 55.



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