Greensboro Urban Loop - Northwest Quadrant

The first three miles of the Northwest Quadrant of the Greensboro Urban Loop opened on December 18, 2007.  This portion of the loop will carry Interstate 840 and Interstate 73.  The Urban Loop will temporarily end with an interchange at Bryan Boulevard, but the highway's opening will allow Triad residents quicker access to Piedmont Triad International Airport.  With the first three miles finished, there is now a 16 mile gap remaining in the northern half of the loop.
Exit 3 - Bryan Boulevard (& Interstate 73)
The Urban Loop's interchange with Bryan Boulevard will be a freeway to freeway modified cloverleaf interchange with three loop ramps and a flyover.  There will also be collector/distributor lanes at the interchange.  Signs currently erected for the interchange give no mention of Interstate 73.  However, the overhead signs for the interchange are smaller than what the sign supports are designed for.  Photo at right: Overhead sign for Bryan Blvd. (Exit 3) as seen from the Friendly Ave. (Exit 2) onramp to I-840 North.  (Adam Prince; October 6, 2007)
Left Image: All traffic must exit I-840 at Bryan Blvd.  In the future, this will be where I-73 North leaves the Urban Loop to continue northwards to Virginia.  (Adam Prince; December 21, 2007)

Right Image: The off ramp at Exit 3 splits.  Drivers headed to the airport and I-73 North traffic will continue straight and onto a flyover ramp carrying vehicles over I-840 and onto Bryan Blvd. West.  Downtown traffic will split off to the right onto Bryan Blvd. East.  (Adam Prince; December 21, 2007)

Left Image: From the flyover ramp from I-840 North to Bryan Blvd. West - a look northwards of the uncompleted highway.  Grading for future construction of the loop is done; however, it will be a few years before actual concrete is poured from here.  The grading is for I-840 and the c/d ramps on the northside of the interchange.  (Adam Prince; December 21, 2007)

Right Image: Looking south at the same spot, Bryan Blvd crosses over the graded I-840.  (Adam Prince; December 21, 2007)

Exit 2 - Friendly Ave.
The Friendly Avenue interchange is a Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI).  I-840 crosses over Friendly.  Cargo Areas of Piedmont-Triad International Aiport can be accessed from the Friendly Avenue interchage.  (Adam Prince; December 21, 2007)
Exit 1 - Interstate 40 / Interstate 40 Business
Interstate 840 ends at a complex freeway to freeway interchange with Interstate 40 and Business I-40.  You'll be able to exit onto either I-40 West of Business I-40 East.  If you continue straight on the Urban Loop, you will be on I-40 East.

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