US 101/CA 12, Santa Rosa, CA

US 101 runs north-south, CA 12 east-west. Scale is approx 1 km per UTM grid square.

The US 101-CA 12 interchange is fairly typical of the CalTrans 'urban' model. Somewhat tight with directional 'fly-over' ramps, but not afraid to use a VERY tight cloverleaf loop or two to make connections if it has to.

Santa Rosa is a somewhat quickly growing medium sized city less than an hour north of the San Francisco 'Bay' area, fully feeling the pressures of being within 'commuter' range that area. CA 12 is a developing local freeway in the Santa Rosa area, extending about 2 km eastward from US 101 (ending at a 'ghost interchange' at Farmers Lane) with a preserved right-of-way to futher extend it out of the urbanized area. Projected the other way, CA 12 downgrades to a surface 'expressway' about 1.5 km west of the edge of the map as it heads off towards the Pacific coast.

I am unaware of the current schedule for completing the proposed eastward extension of the CA 12 freeway.

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