I-H1/I-H3/(I-H201)/HI 78/HI 99, Honolulu, HI

An interesting island crossroads.

I-H1 goes north-south through here, I-H3 goes eastward as the 'northern' of the two freeways, HI 78 is the 'southern' of the two (I-H201 is a 'secret' alter ego of HI 78), and HI 99 parallels I-H1 to the west.

Many people consider Hawaiian Interstates to be a sort of oxymoron. But, they do esist, and are as heavily used as any freeways are in similar settings anywhere else on the USA mainland. The two Hawaiian state highways are the oldest major roads here, I-H1 relieved HI 99 of much of its commuter and military traffic load in the 1960s, and after several decades of wrangling (and an act of Congress to clear it up), I-H3 was finally opened in 1997. HI 78 is also on the official books as 'I-H201', but it is not marked as such, ostensibly because HIDOT cannot fit the four characters on an I-route sign.

An interesting complication of the otherwise fairly typical suburban style I-H1/I-H3 interchange is the presence of HI 78 (I-H201) and its connection to a crossroad (Halawa Heights Road?) between ITS connections to I-H1 and I-H3. An additional complication is the presence of Aloha Stadium, site of the Annual NFL 'Pro-Bowl', plus many other more locally based events. There are direct ramps from the stadium parking lot to EB I-H1, I-H3 and HI 78 (I-H201), but traffic going from the stadium to WB I-H1 *or* TO stadium events must use either the HI 78 (I-H201) interchange at (Halawa Heights Road) and/or other ramps near the HI 78/HI 99 interchange west of the stadium (some of these routes are somewhat convoluted, too).

A few of quick tidbits...

*HI 99 is called the 'Kamehameha Highway', named after a 19th Century Hawaiian monarch.

*Across HI 99 from the word 'HY' at the upper left corner of this map is the word 'TRAIL'. The adjacent dashed line is an actual old railroad grade bicycle trail (Hawaii once had active railroads, too).

*There is a cemetary in the middle of the HI 78/HI 99 interchange.

*There are two different ways to get from WB I-H3 to WB I-H1 and from EB I-H1 to EB I-H3.

*Hawaii is one of the few states that has fully completed ALL of its origionally planned Interstate highway routes.

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