I-95/I-695 (northeast), Baltimore County, MD

A true 'Twister'

I-95 runs southwest to northeast through here, I-695 (the Baltimore Beltway) northwest to southeast. The connections to both the Fort McHenry and Harbor (I-895) Tunnels diverge about 2 km southwest of the edge of the map. I-695 feeds into the Francis Scott Key bridge several miles/km south of the map.

This interchange is of an innovative true 'twister' design (both main roadways 'twist' around themselves 'rope' style), with all of the 'free flow' connections being made with a minimum of bridge and ramp construction. This entire interchange uses 8 relatively short, low-level bridges.

The Baltimore metro area shows the classic signs of an area that had MUCH grander freeway/expressway construction plans than what actually came about, resulting in many interchanges being of highly unusual and unorthodox 'jerryrigged' designs. It is a fascinating area.

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