NY 17 Waverly, NY/South Waverly, PA

NY 17 runs east-west through here, US 220 goes south from NY 17, the New York-Pennsylvania state line divides the map between top and bottom.

New York State Route 17, the 'Southern Tier Expressway' across southern upstate New York take a curious turn here, dipping into Pennsylvania for a very short distance. It is a fluke of geography that caused this anomoly. While passing from the Chemung River valley to the Susquehanna River valley (going eastbound), NYSDOT tried to keep the highway entirely in New York, with the right-of-way abutting the state line for several miles/km (it curves north just off the map to both the left and right). However, they were unable to keep the highway in New York at Waverly, this due to the presence of the Norfolk Southern (ex Conrail) 'Southern Tier' line (which hugs the state line in Waverly, NY) and the urbanized parts of the city across the tracks to the north. The going was easier in South Waverly, PA, and the highway was built through an old industrial/railroad section there.

A few fast facts;

*NYSDOT maintains all of NY 17 in this area. PennDOT maintains that portion of NY/PA 17 west of New York toward Erie, PA. There are actually two seperate and distinct 'PA 17s' (a rare instance of a duplicated *state* route number within a state), the other being a relatively minor route about 50km northwest of Harrisburg.

*NY 17 will become 'I-86' when the necessary improvements are completed to upgrade the remaining 'surface' sections to interstate standards (probably not for several years).

*NY 17 does *not* enter Sayre, PA. I have highlighted the Boro limits of both Sayre and South Waverly, PA. Sayre comes within about 15-30 m of NY 17, though.

*US 220 is a freeway south of NY 17 for about 8 km or so, and the route appears to end at NY 17. The map was unclear as to whether or not US 220 enters New York. All of the NY 17/US 220 interchange is in Pennsylvania (the source map was also unclear as to the layout of that interchange).

*The westbound ramps of the NY 17/PA 119/NY 34 interchange (above the word 'Sayre') are in New York, the eastbound ramps are mostly in Pennsylvania. NYSDOT placed the approach green signs for this interchange, including very nice versions of the Pennsylvania 'Keystone' highway shield.

*The state line is marked on the NY 17 mainline with small 'State Border' signs in both directions.

*The next interchange west of US 220 is in New York, except for about half of the two eastbound ramps (the state line is *not* marked on them).

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