2008 Atlanta Road Meet - Duluth, GA - January 12, 2008
Four years after the first Road Meet in Atlanta, we had one again.  The 2008 Atlanta Road Meet featured a look at the nearly completed and revamped Interstate 85 and Georgia 316 interchange, numerous lanes of the I-85 freeway, and a spectacular look at Spaghetti Junction.  Oh and we had a few first timers also!

The meet's location was at the Roadhouse Grille off of I-85 and Sugarloaf Parkway in Duluth.  The day before the meet Steve Williams led a tour to some of the early arrivers of Marietta to the KFC "Big Chicken" and Atlanta landmark and dinner at Varsity's - an Atlanta tradition.  Following the meet, a few attendees headed into town for the Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Atlanta Thrashers hockey game.  The Thrashers won 3-2 in a thrilling Overtime shootout.

The 2008 Atlanta Road Meet Attendees:
Standing (L to R): Adam Prince, H.B. Elkins, Brian Reynolds, Jim K. Georges, Doug Kerr, Jason Ilyes, Joe Babyak, Seth Dunn, and Steve Williams.
Kneeling (L to R): Erik Georges and John Krakoff

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